Why I Didn’t Draw the Prophet Muhammad

Ok peeps,

As many of you know, May 20 was the second annual Draw Muhammad Day.  Participation in it was to allegedly promote free speech.  This day originated from Muslims sending death threats to the creators of South Park for portraying the Prophet Muhammad in one of their episodes.  Depicting the Prophet Muhammad is a big no-no in Islam, and some extremists erroneously thinks everyone must abide by this rule, even non-Muslims.  Comedy Central folded to these whims and took the episode down.  This outraged many people, and in response, Draw Muhammad Day was born!

First of all, I don’t think Comedy Central’s withdrawal was good.  Not everyone is a Muslim and therefore is not obligated to adhere to Islam’s tenants.  Practicing Jews don’t demand non-Jews to refrain from eating pork, so I don’t feel like I or anybody should kowtow to beliefs not his or her own.  Secondly, freedom of expression is fundamental to the exchange of ideas and should not be tossed so easily aside as it was.

Where I take issue with Draw Muhammad Day is not the idea to depict Muhammad for the sake of free expression, though I think there are tactically better ways to support this cornerstone of our civilization such as blogging or voting for that matter, but in what the event has been mutated in to.

In their zeal, some of its celebrants, certainly not all, have used it as fodder for their campaign against Islam.  I’ve noticed during my limited experience on the Internet a prejudice against Islam.  Obviously, this is rooted in 9/11, and the Internet had provided a cloak of anonymity ideal for being nasty.  I believe this anti-Islam sentiment, although understandable, is irrational, unfair and needs to desist.  Not every Muslim is a terrorist, a pedophile or shoots AK-47s into the air.  Stereotypes like these already abound on the Internet, but with Draw Muhammad Day, this racist filth has multiplied.  Too many times I see bombs strapped to Muhammad or “sand-nigger” written in the drawings of Muhammad.  I have seen videos of people burning Korans in association with Draw Muhammad Day.

Instead of being in support of free speech or expression, Draw Muhammad Day has devolved into a childish, smear-fest against Islam.  What do these bigoted sketches have to do with the First Amendment?  Nothing.  What civilized society delights in demeaning people with racist sketches?  What Enlightened people relishes in burning books and their ideas?  Free-thinkers don’t ignite books; they read, study and evaluate them.  That’s the how Marketplace of Ideas functions.  Ideas are weighed and measured, and if found false, are put aside.  And those who wish to still subscribe to them are allowed to in dignity.  The Draw Muhammad Day I’ve experienced does not do this.

Sadly yet ironically, instead of championing liberal free thought, it is an immature display of close-minded and backwards thinking — the very thing it was purported to fight against.

The joke is on us, and I’m not laughing.


3 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Draw the Prophet Muhammad

  1. This was a really great post! I could not agree with you more. Though the post does not need anything added, I would also like to remind about the facts that we all do know. There are political and humanitarian reasons why this conflict between cultures should not be escalated needlesly.

    1. Fact is that it is the western countries that are occupying islamic countries not the otherways around.

    2. There is economical extortion involved in the reasons for western countries to support dictatorships and other authoritarian systems in the islamic world.

    3. Islamic countries are ald colonies, so their poverty is not of thir own doing.

    4. Muslims who live in the west have not come here to preach or to conquer our cultures or economies. Most of them have come topursue happiness and freedom, from the mentioned authoritarinan governments, wether those claim to be are motivated

  2. Sorry, wrong button. Anyway what I was trying to write:

    4. Muslims who live in the west have not come here to preach islam or to conquer, nor hijack our cultures or economies. Most of them are individuals and families, who have come to seek peacefull living, to pursue happiness and freedom. To seek refuge from the authoritarian governments, wether those claim to be religiously motivated or not.

    Religion and ideals should be evaluated in debates, not by slander. Most people are moderate in opinions, no matter if their world view is christian, atheist, buddihist, hindu or islam. Let us not be betreayed by hatemongers.

  3. Thank you Rautakyy, I appreciate the conversation we were having on my other post. And not to “sell” to you, but if you like what I put out, you’re always welcome to subscribe to my humble blog. Lol. I would love to keep talking to you Rautakyy.

    You’re right. There is a practical-foreign-policy reason for us not to incite Muslims. We may disagree on many things, but we’re all still human. =)

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