“So You Think You Understand the Cosmological Argument?!”

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon this excellent blog post by theistic philosopher (yes, they do exist!) Edward Feser entitled “So You Think You Understand the Cosmological Argument?”.  After reading it, my mind had concluded three things: Feser can certainly write, boy, can he can gun sling (argue) and jeepers, I need to feature this on my humble blog.

You see, prior to blogging, I’ve always been irritated by the lack of respect the New Atheists seem to have for theism as a position, and Feser expresses the same sentiment in his post.  They dismiss it without giving it any legitimate consideration.  They ignore the rich intellectual history behind theism and the erudite people who contributed to its ideology.  May I please insert how antithetical to free-thinking—a virtue all New Atheists hold in high regard—such an attitude is.  One of my goals with this is blog is to directly combat this pompous predilection.  So if you are an atheist, who has Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett’s books on your shelves and their disembodied heads on either your boxers or briefs, this post is for you!

I honestly hope this blog to be somewhat educational in the sense that if you feel like you’re in the “Four Horsemen’s” khanate, you won’t want to be after interfacing with this blog.  I don’t aim to convert, but to inform.  As an atheist, I want you to be embarrassed by the bedside manner of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Dennett.  I’d rather you desert the “Golden Horde” and become a full-time member of David Hume and Bertrand Russell’s pub instead.  Drink their Kool-Aid; it has a more substantive flavor and it’s on draught.

Bottoms up!

Modus Pownens

P.S.  Read Feser’s post.


4 thoughts on ““So You Think You Understand the Cosmological Argument?!”

  1. The prime reason theists attract so little respect is because lurking behind this facade of supposed reasonableness is crass dis-ingenuity, fueled largely by those who genuflect to the Abrahamic god, Yahweh and his alter ego, ( altar- ego?) the Lake Tiberius Pedestrian, Yeshua Ben Josef, both manifestations being narrative constructs.

    That the universe/s may be the result of some unfathomable entity mucking about in its kitchen on a boring
    Saturday afternoon is not something we are likely to discover – and quite frankly, who cares?

    But the Christian version? Oh … puleeeze! What next? Free William Lane Craig T- shirts? Good Grief!

    1. Well, Arkenaten, what are you trying to exactly say here? You certainly are more than entitled to your opinion and are free to express it here, but now you appear to just be bloviating.

      Do you have actual social science or credible testimony to support your claims that Christians, by in large, are disingenuous beyond online anecdotal rumors or your personal perception?

      Your assertions seem to run afoul of some prominent and well-regard atheist philosophers:

      “I speak from experience, being strongly subject to this fear myself: I want atheism to be true and am made uneasy by the fact that some of the most intelligent and well-informed people I know are religious believers.” (Thomas Nagel, The Last Word)

      Quentin Smith claims that the typical naturalist philosopher is guilty of “hand waving dismissal of theism” (which you also seemingly exhibit here) and of ignoring “the erudite brilliance of theistic philosophizing today.

      …Due to the typical attitude of the contemporary naturalist… the vast majority of naturalist philosophers have come to hold (since the late 1960s) an unjustified belief in naturalism. Their justifications have been defeated by arguments developed by theistic philosophers, and now naturalist philosophers, for the most part, live in darkness about the justification for naturalism.”

  2. Well it would seem the central thrust of this post is your irritation over the lack of respect from New Atheists.
    So, for the sake of clarity I shall reiterate.
    When theists are worthy of respect then maybe you will earn it. It really is that simple.
    I don’t believe I could be any more succinct.

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