“What Rise of Atheism?”

Happy summer all!

It’s been awhile, but this post demonstrates I’m not dead.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post more content as this summer I should have some free time.

Now down to business.

If you frequent the blogosphere for the debate between theism and atheism, a common sentiment often echoed by the New Atheists and their acolytes is the rise of atheism within the Western world, especially recently in the United States.  They herald an imminent Age of Reason that will trump and supplant the Age of Religious Superstition and Dogma.  A few years back, you guys assembled en masse in Washington as a manifestation of this apparent truism.  It was quite a pow wow.  Or was it?

I stumbled upon a YouTube video series within which user UNFFwildcard claims the contrary.  He raises some interesting statistical, demographic and historical arguments I think are worthy of cognitive pause.  The effort he puts forth is well beyond the norm for YouTube.  So please, if you have the time, review his work.

Now, I would like to invite any atheists who watched these videos to vote and comment whether or not you think UNFFwildcard’s points have merit.  In other words, do atheists, especially the ones of the Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and late Christopher Hitchens stripe, need to spend more type addressing these mentioned problems to fortify their own ranks instead of proclaiming atheism’s inexorable triumph?

Thank you for taking the time to satisfy my curiosity,

Modus Pownens


5 thoughts on ““What Rise of Atheism?”

    1. No, I’m sorry. They were good. They mentioned how atheists have low birth rates and promote policies that kill the atheists of tomorrow. Allegedly atheists tend to demographically be white males. Christianity and Islam are growing around the globe. Atheism generally lacks the organization and structure that church or organized religion provide. Lastly, Christianity has been able to adapt itself to survive by incorporating pagan traditions and what not. Those were the main points, I think.

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