Updated blogroll and my same-sex marriage rants

As I’m trying to actually blog again, I figured it was probably a wizard idea, you know, to cleanup the ‘ole blogroll. I got rid of some of the blogs that appear inactive for some time and added some new(ish) ones that I’m about to plug.

First of all, if any of my visitors bothered to peruse my site, they probably noticed that many of my posts attack the push for same-sex marriage. Admittedly, I got pretty polemical in those takedown pieces, especially when I asserted criticisms of the movement seemingly without basis. Well, here’s that basis that has really informed my thinking on the issue to conclude that same-sex marriage, as a means for granting rights, has really no legs to stand upon once you get a philosophical, cultural and historical understanding of what marriage has been through time. Of course, we never hear that side of debate from the mainstream media in their rather finite wisdom. And you’re just going to have to take my word on that claim given my pedigree: six years at the world’s oldest and best journalism school, now four years of work at a professional-level newspaper and my master’s thesis centers on what’s known in mass media scholarship as the social responsibility theory of the press.

But don’t take my word on same-sex marriage. Instead, please give The Public Discourse a try. It’s edited by Ryan T. Anderson who coauthored a book entitled What is Marriage?: Man and Woman: A Defense, which was cited in one of the dissents of the Windsor vs. United States ruling. I’ve read summaries of the book’s arguments on this site, and they’re philosophically robust, certainly more so than the strawman United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner mistakenly appraises in his recent decision for the cases in Indiana and Wisconsin.

If you find their logic cold, perhaps you’ll find the narrative experience of a mother who was raised by a same-sex couple more compelling. The “bigot” of askthebigot is hardly a hate monger. She has saintly patience and always treats those interlocutors who disagree with her with the utmost dignity.

Thirdly, I give you Professor Robert Oscar López of EnglishManif. He too was reared by a lesbian couple, but has become staunchly opposed to same-sex marriage based on the implications for child rights. Although married and raising a child, he openly identifies as bisexual, so calling him a bigot is dubious. Plus, he has intimate knowledge of the nature of gay communities and relationships because he lived them. He is a fantastic writer and cuts to the heart of the matter with incisive verve.

On a different note, you all should go to Pretentious Musings, which is overseen by Oscar Rivera. Oscar was the first person to welcome me on this journey I started four years ago. He and I have similar interests but agree on absolutely nothing. He still is top drawer guy and one of the most open-minded individuals I have ever encountered online. Like me, it looks like he’s back from hibernation and now doing something a little different but still definitely worth a clicksey to checkout. 

Best of browsing,

Modus Pownens


3 thoughts on “Updated blogroll and my same-sex marriage rants

  1. Hi. Thanks for the link. I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging through the summer as well. Have we met? I love so many of the writers you cited above. Cheers! And please stop by my blog anytime! Love having your “kind” contribute to the conversation.

    1. Hi.

      No we haven’t met, but I’ve read a fair number of your posts, and I’m impressed by your civility and unabashed, fair commentary on the same-sex marriage debate. Thanks! I think I will stop by and post.

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