Addendum to Trump, Hitler and the rise of fascism

For those who require the long answer (the short answer) to whether that New York real estate mogul and reality TV star is the American reincarnation of Der Fuhrer, it’s hell no.

We’re good, right?

No? You’re going to make me spell it out for you? Well, I guess for the sake of posterity…

…The Donald is admittedly a lot of things, many of which are unflattering. Narcissistic—sure. Misogynistic—check. Will say anything to get elected—most definitely.

But it bears mentioning that it’s cute that the Left abruptly now discovers standards about the character of the president when the Democrats’ front runner is a dishonest, incompetent felon in bed with Wall Street. I’m also compelled to point out that Obama is also an extreme egotist who had an eerie cult of personality when his sunny aura burst onto the presidential election landscape.


Chris Matthews could barely contain himself either.


As for Trump’s sexism, whatever his indiscretions are in this regard, they probably pale in comparison to the exploits of Bill Clinton, who was not shy in the Oval Office, or the extramarital excesses of JFK. Both former leaders of the free world were and are undoubtedly womanizers.

In regard to Trump’s campaign rhetoric promising accomplishments that are constitutionally illegal for his office, it’s sort of adorable that someone would believe this mouthing off is unique to him. How exactly will that angry, socialist Muppet Bernie Sanders going to make student debt go POOF! and implement free college for all? By diktat? His magic redistributive powers that he developed at Eugene V. Deb’s Institute for the Socially Cranky? Or will he perform a snazzy show-tune scored by the Electric Mayhem with family-friendly, social justice-themed lyrics that will make all of his constituent’s inequality problems go away?

Anyway, this notion that American elections are decided by the public objectively picking the qualitatively best candidate based on their policies, if not always, has been a fanciful myth for many, many passed horizons. Our politics is very much now a popularity contest, where the candidates bloody each other to the point that whoever looks the least evil at the end wins. Plus, mainstream journalists these days are too corrupt and intellectually inept to actually scrutinize the feasibility of any proposed policies. They’re, for example, more concerned with catching and construing Jeb! Bush as racially insensitive for uttering the term “anchor baby” in regard to immigration instead of vetting his policy ideas on the matter. Beholden to political correctness and identity politics, news media are a hatchet keen on character assassination, not the investigation of issues and candidates in a sterile, analytical process devoid of innuendo.

Digression aside, what about Trump’s supposed mean, racist comments on Mexicans and Muslims? It’s like Hitler and the Nazi’s scapegoating the Jews!

funny laughing star trek android data

I shouldn’t be laughing, but that moratorium to secure our border is nothing like blaming Jews for everything, forcing them to wear stars for identification, segregating them in ghettos and then shipping them to places called Buchenwald, Dachau or Auschwitz for those once-in-a-lifetime showers. To my knowledge, no one reasonable in this country, not even the hyperbolic Trump, has called for the systematic rounding-up of Mexicans or Muslims for genocide.

But isn’t he spreading “hate”? Well, according to the latest available FBI statistics (2014) reported hate crimes are down from the year before, and for religious-motivated bias, Jews are vastly targeted more than Muslims. Surely, these bigoted feelings Trump allegedly has been coaxing out into the open have been festering long before 2014. Yet, there doesn’t appear to be a noticeable uptick in anti-Muslim or anti-Latino hate crimes to correspond with this supposed rising white supremacist miasma threatening minorities that Trump’s allegedly personifies.

What about the violence at his rallies? Of course, his supporters who engage in it are reprehensible. And Trump is morally obligated not to be flippant within his oratories to encourage it. Once again, however, political disagreement meted out in fisticuffs isn’t anything new to American politics. Additionally, at what point do we grant the lion’s share of moral responsibility to the individual goons, who for whatever reason, belligerently react to anti-Trump protesters?

Moreover, the violence that does occur seems to be contained at his rallies. It’s not like there are roving bands of Trumpite stormtroopers harassing and intimidating ideological dissidents to ensure Trump’s election to office like the Nazi’s SA. What is happening are pugnacious troops of social justice warriors marauding and rioting to disrupt their political opposition’s right to assembly.

If anyone is guilty of anything that looks like Nazi political violence, it’s those who support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Perhaps they should be held accountable for their sycophants. Perhaps media need to acknowledge their own hateful and slanderous rhetoric obtusely comparing Trump to some of the most vile men in history, which now is likely inspiring actual acts of organized terror and thuggery.

It’s true Trump’s sudden rise is in response to American political Leftism rooted in Marxism just as fascism arose to combat European and Soviet communism. I also concede that our country’s cultural rot has parallels to Weimar Germany. Yet, the similarities stop there.

Of course, we should be vigilant for ultra-populist strongmen coming to power. And certainly, the gradual erosion of our constitutional republic—the deterioration of which jerked forward under Obama—lays the foundation for men like Hitler and Mussolini to seduce the desperate masses. But Trump, despite his numerous flaws, is just not one of them. The braggadocio in The Art of the Deal is not the anti-semitic angst of Mein Kampf. More seriously, there aren’t the sort of atrocities like Kristallnacht emanating from his campaign. His rallies resemble nothing like Leni Riefenstahl’s footage of Hitler and the Nazis: For instance, there’s no saber rattling that consists of divisions of men marching to frighten the rest of Europe nor the neo-Roman iconography hinting at the Third Reich’s imperial ambitions.

To suggest Trump is the political embodiment of burgeoning American fascism probably indicates despicable defamatory intent and or gross historical ignorance. For those who are committed to such shibboleths, I only have these four words:

Sieg heil, scheiße köpfe!

Modus Pownens


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