Free speech and anti-Trump “protesters”

There are those who have defended the Bernie Sanders’ supporters, members of and the students of the University of Illinois-Chicago who shut down the Donald Trump rally in the Windy City as merely exercising their right to free speech. At the worst, this claim is dangerously incorrect, and at best, it’s grossly misleading. Some exfoliation is needed then.

Most charitably, it’s deceptive because while these malcontents do have the right to protest Trump on-site, they are stipulated to do it peacefully. They don’t have a carte blanche to engage in malicious actions, namely harassing those who came to see the Republican front runner and thereby molesting Trump and his supporters’ rights to assembly and speech.

And what did these “patriots” do? Precisely the sort of behaviors from which they are both legally and morally prohibited. Hence, one reason the sentiment is a grave falsehood. Though, there’s more.

As hinted above, contrary to popular belief, speech and expression is not absolutely unfettered and for good reasons. Defamation and libel laws come to mind. Furthermore, there’s issues concerning obscenity and public danger.

For the former, yelling the profane “Fuck Trump!” is difficult to construe as protected speech. And although what counts as obscenity is still up for debate among legal scholars, the Supreme Court has never considered what qualifies as under First Amendment protection.

Working even more to its disadvantage, the crass phrase pretty much summarizes the lack of a coherent idea ready for expression within the protesters. It betrays the inchoate urges that amounts to just a vehement recoil from The Donald—a purified coal seething of anti-Trump sentiment that belies a very feral temperament. “Fuck Trump!” is the magma bubbling up to the surface in the crudest manner possible. Unrefined, such a nugget of molten vulgarity directed at anyone adds nothing to the national conversation—in point of fact, it degrades it—and in some contexts, puts people in danger, bringing me to the latter.

Expression that incites rioting and panic is also not protected. Shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater is the classic example, or more recently, pulling the fire alarm in an attempt to prevent Ben Shapiro from speaking at California State University-Los Angeles. Including Chicago, in each case, there was an implicit threat of violence in the unruly mob that manifested. Aggregated as a whole, the rabble-rousers endanger themselves, the non-belicose protesters and the supporters of the controversial men who came to speak.

Hence, it’s not at all unjustified to call the Leftists who live Alinsky exactly what they are—enemies. Democracy can’t function if these reprobates’ actions are treated as acceptable or understandable. History actually shows it doesn’t. As mentioned previously, the Nazis did the same sort of things against political opponents to rig elections, conquering the Reichstag and bringing Hitler into power.

It’s disgusting Orwellian mendacity to claim Trump and the majority of his voters are the new fascists. Totalitarians like fascists aren’t bullied; they’re the bullies. The only ones bullying here on a mass scale—organizing to intimidate and silence dissenters and aggressively cornering the marketplace of ideas—are the folks who preach “tolerance,” “inclusiveness,” “diversity.” The irony is really not at all unexpected coming from a lot so intellectually and morally effete their ululations of comparison demean the millions who suffered and perished due to the Third Reich’s barbarism as just the latest sample of stunted denouncements delivered down from sandcastle parapets.

These moral “giants” must be made low so as to preempt them from treading as tyrants on us all.


Modus Pownens


2 thoughts on “Free speech and anti-Trump “protesters”

  1. “These moral “giants” must be made low so as to preempt them from treading as tyrants on us all.”

    While the Trump protesters were certainly acting like bullies, bullying others in the name of protesting the Trump bully, to declare our fellow citizens the enemy and to speak of bringing them so low as to render them powerless is also not the solution. That simply justifies their protest in the first place.

    By the time we’re finished with this foolish game we will have put a tyrant in office, backed up by a bunch of minions who will blindly cheer as we all lose our rights. Color me unenthusiastic about this plan.

    1. IB,

      Thanks for commenting like always, but I think you’re putting words in my mouth a bit. My closing statement was rhetorical excess, sure, but I’m not advocating disenfranchising people who disagree with Donald Trump and protest him. I would never endorse that. So I’m not sure you’re getting that I want them to be rendered “powerless”–whatever that means. Want I want to see is violent protesters prosecuted with due process when they commit assault and for media and politicians on both sides of the aisle to decry these antics as unacceptable as political discourse. I want to see their political movement to be delegitimized as taboo pariahs like the KKK by not limiting their rights but via more speech that exposes them as the totalitarians that they are. Right now, the political-media complex has justified them and their tactics as appropriate and somehow a proper response to Trump’s because the man is an uncouth blowhard. Do these miscreants not have free will? They chose to respond in a mob. So, it’s an absurd double standard here.

      Furthermore, I stand by my characterizing of people who act like the SA as the enemy. If they think securing the border, enforcing immigration law and putting a moratorium on Muslim immigration is tantamount to racism; that anyone who disagrees with them is bigot and must be shouted down and silenced. They obviously don’t share our classically liberal values as enshrined in the Constitution and can’t be reasoned with. They view themselves as radicals–Latin root word radix, meaning root. They want to pull the country up by its roots. They want to destroy this republic–and since FDR these progressives or statists have gradually succeeded–and impose their will on all for a future they can’t ever seem to articulate. I guarantee it would not be “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

      So yes, they’re our cultural enemies, IB, and there’s a war for our nation’s soul right now. You may be gracious enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, which again speaks volumes about your sterling character, but do you honestly believe they would extend the same courtesy to you for your Christian and conservative beliefs? In their mind, you’re just as racist, fascist and evil for not joining their ranks and being who you are. There’s a very fine line between the soft totalitarianism with fining bakers and florists for exercising the religious freedom granted in this country and the corporate economic shakedown we’re seeing with Georgia to the hard totalitarianism of the communist regimes of the 20th century.

      I don’t blame your skepticism about Trump. Will he revel in executive power like Obama? I don’t know, and it’s definitely a gamble. But what I do know is that he isn’t Hitler, as he’s been slandered and grossly misrepresented on numerous occasions by media on both sides of aisle. I also know what we’d get with “moderate” Hilary Clinton and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, and it’s likely way worse than a Trump presidency. I know the political establishment on the right has forsaken if not despises us, and their feckless reign needs to come to an end. So, as politics is a pragmatic business, I’d rather take chances with the devil I don’t know, who has at least expanded the Overton Window, isn’t indebted to Wall Street for his campaign and has expanded the conservative base, than with the devils and their corrupt and socialist brand of evil I do know.

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