God save the queen: Brexit succeeds!

Our cousins across the pond have decided bravely to be citizens solely subjected to their self-deliberation instead of an unelected, bloated and corrupt Euro bureau-superstate. With 97.4% reporting, I think it’s safe to announce the referendum to leave the European Union passed.

I have the utmost admiration and only good wishes to express unto the British who chose to be British again — shocking, I know. So bravo! We Americans owe much to them, especially culturally and in regard to our legalism.

Perhaps we can learn from their example here and be in their debt again. Brexit is not only a blow struck for conservatism and smaller, limited government against that prowling leviathan of a cephalopod called Cthulhu. Given the normative multiculturalism riving our societies, it maybe indicates the West is rediscovering that cortical line running down its back and, in emulation of Myllokunmingia, beginning to act like a new sort of creature comfortable with its own body — a primordial, natural instinct that is viewed nowadays as revolutionary. Anyway, historic, paradigm-altering events like this one prod me ever so slightly to peer into that maelstrom known as time and just sort of make out a blurry future within which Western civilization is redeemed and salvaged. Brexit serves me that little indulgence of hope.

But this triumphant day isn’t about me and my saturnine ruminations but the blessed British. So, God save Boris Johnson; God save Nigel Farage; and God save the queen! Most of all, though, God save the British!


Modus Pownens


2 thoughts on “God save the queen: Brexit succeeds!

    1. Well, if one is a theist, one believes God is the fundamental cause of everything, i.e. actively conserves the being of everything in creation. So, what does God have to do with Brexit? In a word — everything. He is, as the Muslims say, “closer than the vein in your neck.”

      Though one does not have to be a theist to appreciate the phrase, “God save the queen” as indicative of British patriotism. It is the title of their national anthem, after all. Anyway, my use of it here could and should be interpreted as just expressing solidarity with the British and their wise decision to leave EU.

      So, pray tell, what the frak has any New Atheist to express dismay at the mention of “God” got to do with this, let alone the uncivil, uncharitable, off-topic dickhead, Arkenaten?

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