About Modus Pownens

We live in interesting times, but truth remains eternal. Modus Pownens, the blog, is my attempt to understand them both.

I’m philosophically inclined, though my formal academic training in the love of wisdom is modest. I won’t pretend to be an expert or scholar. I’m still young, still learning. Much of what I write here will be a honest grappling with what currently captures my humble intellect’s fancy.

Other times, I’ll resort to polemics. As stated earlier, we live in interesting times. The search for truth, a noble quest she may be, nevertheless must be subordinated sometimes to the politics of the day. And these days are indeed tumultuous. Full disclosure: I write from a Christian conservative, somewhat reactionary perspective.

All are welcome to comment here. I hold free expression as a high value and will tolerate a lot. But that tolerance has limits. Thus, I reserve the right to block anyone or disallow any comment that I deem gratuitously unproductive for dialogue in the comments. You know who you are, and you’ve been warned.

So let the pownage begin!



3 thoughts on “About Modus Pownens

  1. Hello Modus

    A quick post to thank you for speaking up in defense of my argument on Katy Faust’s blog. I appreciate good argument, and it is so heartening to see that there are still reasonable people like you (and Katy, of course) who are ready to stand up for what is sensible and right. Please remain and do as you are – in my view the world really needs people like you to model an alternative to the crude, but pernicious and destructive politics of evil.

    Also, I am glad I discovered your blog, I shall have a bit of a read 🙂

    Once again: Thanks!

  2. Just letting you known I responded to your comment. For some reason, your comment was dumped in with the spam. My apologies. God bless, Albert.

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